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Hi, I’m Gary but I prefer to be called Misty Poopy Bottoms. I live in Manitoba, in Canada, and work at a hotel as a night clerk. I've been into the idea of diapers since I was very young when the thought of being diapered and dressed up like a little girl while being laughed at had me whimpering away like a widdle cream puff. I’d frequently 'borrow' my sister's dresses and pretend to be a baby girl, and since I was also a bed-wetting loser, I’d wear several pairs of GoodNites diapers all at once at bedtime for a really thick bottom.

My favourite adult baby clothes to wear are short dresses or little girlie tops. And of course, really, really thick uber puff diapers. Then once my butt is diapered and I have made myself look all pwetty, I like to look at naughty things online and work myself up into such a frenzy that I just HAVE to risk a quick little walk of shame outside. A part of me really loves the thought of being seen crawling around in my baby clothes and diapers - in fact, just thinking about public exposure makes my widdle clitty throb in my 10-inch thick diapers!


I have even brought diapers to work in the past and put them on and waddled behind the front desk like that. Sadly no one’s caught me yet but there's always next time...



Email: Vulcan_malcore@yahoo.com

Twitter: @MPoopybottoms

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