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Some males are born with so little testosterone that they start stealing their mother’s clothing and locking themselves away in the bathroom to get dressed as a girl even before they’ve hit puberty. And Chrissie Love is one of those males! He had a particular passion for his mum’s leotards and would fantasise about walking outside in them so everyone could see what a sissy he was. Then later, he would skip school so he could wear his mother’s pantyhose; and even as a teenager, he was in no doubt - he just knew for sure he was a sissy gay boi!


Chrissy dreams of becoming a black-owned sissy slave who would serve a well-hung black  King and his Queen. He says: ‘They would force me to become a street-walking prostitute or a tranny porn slut so I could provide an income for their New Black World Order. And every cent I earned by sucking cock would be used to make sure more white sissies could be branded, sold and traded throughout the New Black World Order.’


And what does his wife (yes, he has one!) think about these plans? He says: She knows but does not approve at all. We haven't had sex since I told her; and I'm pretty sure she has a lover and will soon leave me.’ Hopefully, for a black man...



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Chrissy Love is a TOTAL BOTTOM sissy slut for black men to use. His pathetic LITTLE DICKLET only grows when he thinks about the last BLACK MAN’s cock he sucked!