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Well, it’s definitely not what most men in their twenties have as their life’s ambition, because Abbie doesn’t dream of being a football player or a rock star or a fireman or an airline pilot. And he doesn’t want to join the army, either, or even to be a hung male porn star who gets to fuck lots of different women each day, because he’s far too busy fantasising about full-time feminisation and living the life of a limp-dicked sissy whore! In particular, he loves the thought of having nothing better to do all day than have manicures and pedicures and to spend hours in front of the mirror doing his hair and make-up in order to transform into a sissy fuck doll for whatever men wish to use him that night!


And if those men fancied doing something kinky, then Sissy Abbie would be well up for that, because he also has an overly keen interest in bondage, chastity, foot worship and deep-throat training. And even if he wasn’t actually into doing those things, then he probably wouldn't mind being forced to do them against his will! Because this naughty little bitch gets properly horny at the thought of being blackmailed into doing slutty things - and the threat of exposure as a sissy whore makes his clitty gush with jizz!



Then email abbiecolton2@gmail.com.


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If SISSY ABBIE is ever reluctant to suck on a real man’s THROBBING PRICK, then you only have to blackmail him with the threat of exposure to guarantee he’ll gobble down EVERY INCH!