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It’s only been about a year since Sissy Dee first started to transform into a sissy slut, but already he is developing a reputation for being an excellent deep-throat cocksucker who truly loves to please a dominant man. You see, not only has this mincing sissy already passed both his O-Levels and A-Levels, but he has also shown an appetite for being placed in bondage - and he confesses to loving nothing more than having his ankles fixed into a spreader bar, then to feel his panties being pulled down as a masculine man prepares to enter his behind.


Yes, it seems like Sissy Dee is already well into a journey that is sure to lead to the total destruction of his masculinity. Because with each new pretty pink outfit he wears and each new rigid dick he sucks, his chances of ever going back to a ‘vanilla’ life become increasingly remote. And since this misguided sissy has also agreed to give up full rights to his shameful images, then we feel sure it is only a matter of time before he becomes one of the most notorious sissy cocksuckers on the world wide web. And then EVERYONE will know his secret - and he’ll be forced to go full-time as a girl!



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Gay sissy Dee from Birmingham


This exposure-loving sissy has willingly surrendered FULL RIGHTS to his images, so please feel free to download them and spread them all over SOCIAL MEDIA, so the whole world can see what a totally desperate COCK-HUNGRY SISSY WHORE he is!

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