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A once normal guy, it all changed for Sissy Megan when he went to stay at a friend’s house. The friend’s mother was out of the house at work and so was the friend and he found himself all alone in the place - and soon he was in the mother’s bedroom where he started rummaging through her chest of drawers. He explains: ‘And that’s when I found her undies and a vibrator. And before I knew what I was doing, I had stripped off all my male clothes and put on a pair of her panties, a sexy bra and a pair of hold up stockings. Then next I found myself lying on the bed and sucking the vibrator like a cock-hungry slut.’


And from that moment on, Sissy Megan was doomed! He not only began borrowing his mother’s and sister’s clothes whenever the chance arose; but also, aged just 19, he made his first ever visit to a TV Club and spent the night chatting and dancing with his sister TVs. And he confesses: ‘I had never felt more at home. I just loved being out a girl!’


But what next? Megan says: ‘I dream of going full-time and having a flat of my own where I can always be a girl and where my owner can visit me whenever he feels horny to spank my bottom and to give me his cock.  He could also pimp me out there to as many men as he wanted. And I would get implants and tattoos and piercings and be a sissy bimbo slut for him.’



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