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Like so many masculine failures, Sissy Sarah’s bad habits started with furtive raids on his sister’s underwear drawer. He would try on her panties, bras, tights and gym skirt, then get all hot and bothered by looking at his girlie reflection in the mirror. He was always a bit of a wimp, you see, so he liked exploring his feminine side - and even as he grew older, he preferred being girlie to trying to be a man.


He did manage get a girlfriend at one point, though, but even that went horribly wrong. You see, Sarah is cursed with a pathetic limp clitty that never gets big or hard enough to satisfy a woman. And so, inevitably, he came home one day to find his girlfriend cheating on him with a real man. What’s worse, though, is that he didn't even try and stop them. In fact, he just looked on in awe as she sucked the stranger’s big virile cock and then spread her thighs to be fucked by the stud. And it was then that Sarah truly accepted his sissy fate, since he knew he could never compete with a real man. Oh, and he also fell in love with the stud’s cock, too!


And now he’s doomed to a life of sissydom, much of it spent fantasising about serving the cocks of alpha-males. He says: ‘I would love my boss to catch me dressed and fuck me over his desk.  I'd also love him to share me with his friends, or to walk into a pub dressed all girlie and end up getting gang-banged. I’d also love to be ridiculed and humiliated by the girls at work, or to be forced to drop my knickers so they could fuck me with huge strap-on dildos!’



Then email sarahlilcock@gmail.com or follow @Slilcock on Twitter.


Sissy Sarah in black knickers, stockings and suspender belt
Sissy Sarah's tiny miniskirt fails to cover his tight pink knickers
Sissy pulls down pink panties to expose limp cock
Sissy Sarah in black thong and stockings
Sissy Sarah's limp manhood



Trying on his SISTER’S KNICKERS was only the start of this limp-dicked loser’s descent into sissydom. Next, he was being turned into a SISSY CUCKOLD by his girlfriend and a well-hung stud, and then the dumb slut developed a taste for the ROCK-HARD COCKS of real men!