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You might know this ‘gentleman’ as Peter, but he’d much prefer to live full-time as a female and be known to everyone as Sissy Arrabella. He has been cross-dressing since his teenage years and loves wearing bras, panties, stockings and cute high heels, but always in private and behind closed doors. None of his family, friends, work colleagues or neighbours know about his secret sissy side, although when someone looks this girlie and gay, it’s hard to believe that they won’t have guessed that something’s wrong.


And actually, quite a lot appears to be wrong with this filthy-minded sissy slut if his sexual fantasies are anything to go by. He explains: ‘I regularly fantasise about wearing only a bra, panties, stockings and heels, then having my limp prick locked in chastity and being driven miles away from home. I would be left stranded wearing handcuffs and with no money, no keys, no phone and no coat. And I would be totally helpless and have no way of getting home without being exposed to everyone as the sissy I truly am. And I just love the thought of being seen in public by dominant men and cruel, sneering women who would laugh at me and call me names.’


And what names would suit this sissy best? How about  pansy, faggot and limp-dicked poof?



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Sissy Arrabella drops his knickers to expose his shaven arse cheeks
Sissy slut Peter alias Arrabella from Lancashire
Sissy Arrabella from Lancashire wearing clit cage but no knickers
Cock-hungry sissy Arrabella swallows vibrator


Chorley sissy Arrabella exposed in pink