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It’s not easy for a man to admit that he’s a total masculine failure, but Sissy Doll Chloe has no real choice but to accept his fate as a cross-dressing slut. He developed a taste for maid’s uniforms and sissy pink dresses in his early 20s, as well as a kinky passion for wearing high heel shoes! And though he tries to be a man sometimes, the desire to wear girlie clothing is too strong for him to resist - and it’s never very long before he’s swapping his boxers shorts for tight lacy knickers and switching his trousers for a swishy skirt and a pair of silky stockings.


Having comes to terms with his sissyhood now, Chloe has recently come out to several of his female friends. Tragically, none of them were very surprised by the news - they had never really viewed him as a normal man - and he’s rather hoping that one of them might prove to have a dominant nature and turn him into a full-time slut. Because that’s what Chloe really wants - to be fully feminised by a no-nonsense Mistress and given serious slut, maid and anal training. And he’d do absolutely anything his Mistress demanded - even suck the cocks of real men!



Then email chris-irving@live.co.uk.

Sissy cross-dresser with blowjob lips
Sissy transvestite longs to serve strict domme
Cross-dressing sissy Chloe




Sissy Doll Chloe recently came out as a T-girl to 15 of his FEMALE FRIENDS. But just take a look at those BLOWJOB LIPS! We bet he’d rather tell his MALE FRIENDS and suck their hard dicks!

Sissy doll Chloe
Transvestite in platinum blonde wig