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If you live in Penarth, South Wales, then you might recognise the face of Colin John Campbell, but did you know he is a great big sissy who loves to ponce around in a pink bra and knickers!  This utter failure of masculinity has been cross-dressing in lingerie since his late 20s, but more recently he has been treating himself to more and more items of female clothing to wear indoors in private, and on some occasions, outdoors in secret.


Big pansy that he is, Colin explains that: ‘My favourite things to wear are a pink bra and panties with stockings and heels, and I also love short dresses, miniskirts, maids’ uniforms and lingerie. And when I’m dressed I love to fantasise about facing public humiliation for being a sissy. In particular, I would love to be a sissy maid to a dominant Mistress who would force me to run errands in lingerie or a French maid outfit out in public where everyone could see!’


Oh dear, Colin - what a shameful fantasy for a fully grown man!



Then email him/her at cjc82glebe@yahoo.com.


This pathetic SISSY MALE dreams of permanent PUBLIC EXPOSURE and would love to be paraded through the streets of Wales in just a PINK BRA AND PANTIES!