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Kent dominatrix Mistress Carly on the cover of STRICT MISTRESS
British fem-dom magazine STRICT MISTRESS

STRICT MISTRESS issue 1 features interviews with Miss Inka, Mistress Dita and wrestling domme Mistress Lucinda, plus a shameful, humiliating tale of domestic sissification where the man’s no longer the man of the house.


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STRICT MISTRESS issue 2 includes article on cock ownership with Mistress Carly, spanking with Mistress Raven and sissification with Miss Kitty, plus learn all about Mistress Tess’s brand new chambers.


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STRICT MISTRESS issue 3 includes Mistress Morrigan Hel chastising her cross-dressed foot slut,  Mistress Luna Banks discussing what she’d love to do to your tiny maggot and Old School CP from Headmistress Birch.


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Sub men and sissies humiliated in print


Come and enter a world where women rule and men are just worthless sissies and slaves! Discover what happens when Mistress Roxy straps on her largest dildo and forces her gimp-masked slave to take it in both his mouth and his anal hole. Then read our in-depth interviews with London dommes Mistress Tanya and Mistress Amrita, before giggling at the sight of the unfortunate adult schoolboy who gets a taste of strict British discipline at the hands of a non-nonsense Headmistress and her trusty cane!


And there’s more! If you’ve ever fancied being tied up and used as a sex toy by a dominant and highly sensual female, then you’ll love the way that Mistress Sweet places her male slave in bondage before riding every inch of his rigid cock. Or if domestic sissy training is more your kind of thing, then come and read all about the dominant wife who loves to force her husband into pretty pink frocks for OTK spankings on his bare behind!


Issue 4 of STRICT MISTRESS is available now in licensed sex shops throughout Great Britain, or click through to fetish mag mail order specialists THE TOP SHELF to order your copy online.


UK fem-dom magazine DOMINANCE
UK-wide fem-dom contact magazine
Adult magazine featuring dominant women spanking and humiliating men
Fetish publication featuring UK dommes belittling grown men and sissies

DOMINANCE issue 1 includes articles on Mistress Porcelain Beauty’s favourite BDSM games and Mistress Kendra’s love of spanking, plus Mistress Carly discusses the art of cuckolding small-dicked slaves..


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In DOMINANCE issue 2 we meet the truly divine Mistress Sarah Jessica, before dropping to our knees to worship Mistress Ava Von Medisin’s beautiful feet and getting bullied at school by strict Mistress Kitty.


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In DOMINANCE issue 3, Mistress Jessica reveals all about her passion for corporal punishment and Mistress Evilyne talks public humiliation, plus London domme Madam Helle gives us an insight into her kinky sessions.


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Fetish magazine DOMINANCE
Kinky adult publication
Kinky sex stories collection
British professional domme contacts

Dominant housewives cuckold and feminise their husbands; sub wives bend over for spanking and sex in bondage; and cheating housewives totally misbehave in volume one of our XXX adult e-book KINKY WIVES.


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In issue 2 of KINKSTERS, some of Britain's sexiest glamour models get in touch with their kinkier sides by posing in latex, leather, PVC, fishnets and stilettos and getting out their riding crops and largest adult toys.


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Our latest contact magazine FEM-DOM contains the direct contact details of dominatrixes throughout the UK. Find the domme of your dreams in an area close to you by picking one up at your nearest sex shop.


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Kinky adult magazine featuring sub and domme role-play

DOMINANCE issue 4 takes a look inside the chambers of Manchester domme Princess Lucina, then joins in with a sissy party at the Sissy Retreat and learns what it’s like to become Fetish Liza’s pony slave.


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Issue 1 of DOMINANCE CONTACTS is packed from cover-to-cover with the direct contact details of strict ladies offering professional fetish services in England, Scotland and Wales.  The time has come to meet your Mistress!


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Can’t decide your favourite kink? Then order issue 2 of our hardcore title SORDID that mixes female domination and superior ladies with cross-dressing sluts, sub girls into spanking and even dirty gang-bang girls!


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Prefer to be punished in female clothing? Or perhaps even forced into feminine frills?

Manchester domme Mistress Luci White on the cover of DOMINANCE magazine




Lowly losers forced to serve


If you’ve ever needed proof that women have always been the superior sex, then come and feast your eyes on the divinely dominant ladies in the latest issue of our fem-dom magazine DOMINANCE. Witness the grown men forced to grovel at the feet of our stunningly sensual cover star Mistress Luci White, or the limp-wristed sissy being bossed about and disciplined by expert sissy trainer Mistress Helen Ryder! Or how about the sorry soul who gets stripped, whipped and turned into a pony slave by Domina Alexandra Snow, or the many men who take hard hand spankings from London dominatrix Mistress Ivy!


Or perhaps you like the idea of being fucked up the arse in extreme bondage? Well, in that case, you’ll adore the hardcore photo shoot showing the magisterial Mistress Sidonia all strapped up for anal penetration. First, she wraps her unsuspecting slave from head to toe in thick reels of restrictive Gaffa tape, before hurting his nipples with razor-sharp clamps and then drilling a hole through his back door hole.


Issue 5 of DOMINANCE is available now in licensed sex shops throughout Great Britain, or click through to fetish mag mail order specialists

THETOPSHELF to order your

copy online.


In issue 4 of  X-DRESSER SISSIES one unsuspecting sissy is forced to suck cock at the glory hole by not one but two very insistent dommes. Meanwhile, Mistress Suzie plays around with her sissy sex doll and Mistress Nikki spanks her sissy maid.


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Sissy slut sucks cock at the glory hole in issue 4 of X-DRESSER SISSIES

Pretty sissy Michelle takes pride of place on the cover of issue 3 of RUINED SISSIES, and is joined inside by another sorry bunch of preening pansies who are too lacking in inches to pleasure women, so they opt to suck hard dicks instead.


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TV maid exposed in print mag RUINED SISSIES
Transvestites tied and teased in ropes and chains

Mincing sissy bride Richard is now doomed to live life pussy-free, because he’s just had his tiny little clitoris exposed on the cover of issue 5 of RUINED SISSIES. What a truly tragic fate for a man! One from which there can be no return!


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Transvestite maid Carolin on the cover of RUINED SISSIES

Can you believe a second bunch of small-dicked, lingerie-loving losers have agreed to share their pathetic pics in a second issue of RUINED SISSIES? Don’t they know that featuring in such a notorious adult magazine is guaranteed to leave a guy pussy-free forever more?


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Get Spanked CP magazine

Naughty girls go over knees and drop their knickers for painful thrashings in the latest issue of corporal punishment magazine GET SPANKED. But please don’t have any sympathy for them. It’s the only way they will ever learn!


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Sexy ladies shamelessly expose their naughty bits in public in the latest issue of FLASHERS.


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Fetish contact magazine for pink sissy princesses and TV sluts

Whether you're looking for a dominant lady, a sissy makeover service or a sissy slut who loves to please men, then you might just find the answer to your kinky desires in issue 1 of X-DRESSER SISSIES CONTACTS - available in UK sex shops now.


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X-DRESSER SISSIES issue 2 features Mistress Rachel and Princess Aurora turning fully grown men into simpering, little sissies; as well as plenty more knicker-loving pansies willingly exposing themselves in print.


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Fucking fairy Michael is exposed in his favourite sissy dress in issue 5 of X-DRESSER SISSIES, which also features a double domme session for a TV maid, a humiliated husband sploshed in the stocks and lots of pink pansies in petticoats and frills.


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Sissy slut Michael exposed in print on the cover of X-DRESSER SISSIES magazine

In issue 1 of  X-DRESSER SISSIES Madame C transforms her male slave into a simpering little girlie; French maid Nina serves her super-strict Mistress; and a whole host of so-called ‘men’ who have failed as men expose their utterly shameful sissy selves in print.


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Alex Reynolds dishes out a bare bottom paddling on the cover of Get Spanked magazine

A whole host of misbehaving girls push out their bottoms for a spanking in issue 7 of GET SPANKED. There’s the naughty bridesmaids who try to ruin the wedding, the lazy wife who refuses to cook - and best of all, the bad French maid.


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Red-hot temptresses dress to tease and please in the latest issue of top shelf magazine CHASTE.


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First day at sissy school for cute transvestite in issue 3 of X-DRESSER SISSIES

In issue 3 of  X-DRESSER SISSIES it’s the first day at Sissy School for one lucky sissy, while another satin-clad girlie-boy is forced to suck his Mistress’s toes; and we hear from a dominant wife who has fully emasculated her sissy spouse.


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Sissy transformation novel

Chantelle Cage’s debut novel BLACK-OWNED SISSY tells the shocking tale of a cross-dressing sissy who reveals to his wife that he longs to serve black cock. And soon they are sharing not just clothes, but hung black lovers, too!


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There is no going back to a normal life now for the tragic group of mincing fairies permanently exposed in the pages of issue 4 of RUINED SISSIES. Their closet doors have just been blown wide-open, so they’ll never be able to creep back in!


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Sissy Kim on the cover of exposure mag RUINED SISSIES
Failed men exposed for life in RUINED SISSIES magazine

Was it brave or stupid of these simpering sissies and transvestite maids to agree to have their names, details and photos revealed in issue 1 of RUINED SISSIES? Exposure could not be more permanent than this, which means their lives as men are over now!


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UK professional spanking contacts

Issue 4 of GET SPANKED CONTACTS contains the direct contact details of dominatrixes, sub spankees and switches offering professional spanking and corporal punishment services throughout the United Kingdom.


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Readers wives top shelf magazine

Mature MILFs and amorous grannies get totally naked in the latest issue of 40+ 50+ 60+ WIVES.


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UK fem-dom fetish phone lines
UK spanking magazine Get Spanked
Hardcore transvestite phone sex chatline

Naughty young ladies hitch up their skirts and drop their knickers for strict discipline!

On a wanking ban? In chastity? Then don’t you dare look at all these naked women!


All our fem-dom, cross-dressing and sissy magazines are currently available for direct mail order in the United States of America from MAGS INC. As well as a huge range of fetish mags, Mags Inc also stocks an extensive range of forced femme, sissification, maid training, sex change and TV transformation novellas and ebooks, including works from Reluctant Press, Empathy Press, New World Library and Sandy Thomas. A fast, discreet service is always guaranteed!

Strict Mistress fem-dom magazine from XD Publications
Sissy slut sucking cock at the glory hole on cover of magazine X-DRESSER SISSIES
Cross-dressing magazines and forced sissy novels
Explicit ebony babes phone sex
Pure filth phone sex with no taboos