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None of Robert’s friends and family have any idea that he’s been cross-dressing as a sissy maid since his teenage years, nor that he likes to wear short skirts, bras and panties and to keep his limp dick locked in a chastity cage. They all think he’s a normal man, but as these photos prove, he is not a normal man at all. In fact, quite the opposite - he’s a limp-wristed, limp-dicked, knicker-loving sissy faggot who needs worldwide exposure as the slutty slut he was born to  be.


Robert gets especially excited at the thought of being made to lift up his skirt, pull down his panties and show off his clit in its chastity cage. He takes great pride in not being able to get an erection - and in not being able to please a woman in the bedroom  - and the sight of his shrivelled manhood padlocked in its cage is 100% proof of his failure as a man! After all, no real man would ever dream of letting someone cage his cock and throw away the key, whereas this sissy dreams of being locked in chastity 24/7 and never being allowed to get hard and shoot a load again...



Then follow @robertsissybarr on Twitter or email  robertbarr485@gmail.com.


Glasgow sissy in swishy skirt and knee-high socks
Sissy in short tartan skirt
Glasgow sissy in short skirt
Glasgow sissy's caged cock
Sissy shows off chastity cage in see-through knickers