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This kinky Scottish sissy has a desperate desire to wear short skirts and stockings - and has done so in secret since his teenage years. He adores the feel of women’s clothing against his smoothly shaven skin, but he also has a passion for being placed in bondage and dreams of being gagged and kidnapped while dressed as a slutty submissive girl.


Of course, were his kidnap fantasies to come to life, then it would totally drag Sissy Casey out of the closet. Because can you imagine the horror and humiliation of being kidnapped while dressed in a short red skirt, black stockings and heels, then dumped on a roadside in the middle of nowhere with no obvious way of getting home? Would you call a friend or family member to help you, then face the painful embarrassment as they turned up and found you in female clothing? Or would you risk taking a lift from a total stranger while all dolled up like a sissy slut?


Either way, it’s bound to end in total exposure, but maybe that’s what this sissy deserves. In fact, maybe that’s what EVERY sissy deserves!



Then find him on Twitter @Garymci43105518.



Glasgow sissy Casey
Sissy Casey in long red dress
Scottish transvestite Casey


Scottish sissy slut Casey
Glasgow transvestite iin bondage