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Some people deserve to have the truth come out - and Sissy Tina is one of them, because he’s constantly cross-dressing behind his partner’s back! As soon as the poor woman leaves the house, he rips off his manly shirt and trousers, then dolls himself up as a PVC sex slut in pencil skirts, corsets, stockings and heels. He’s been doing it since he was a teenager when he first nicked his ex-girlfriend’s dresses and undies - and he’s never been able to kick the habit and keep himself out of female clothes.


But it’s not just his desire to wear PVC skirts that Tina keeps secret from his unsuspecting partner. Because she also has absolutely no idea that he often sticks a butt plug up his back door passage, or that he fantasises about being caught cross-dressing in a public place, then being bundled into the back of a van, driven to a brothel and forced inside to pleasure an endless line of horny men. And worse, he also regularly jerks off while dreaming of being tied up in bondage, or having forced bi sessions where a dominant woman commands him to suck a real man’s dick and to swallow loads of creamy spunk.



Then email gamerlad460@outlook.com.


Cloest transvestite wears PVC behind wife's back


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