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Poor Sissy Chloe has never been able to get himself a girlfriend because he’s not man enough for any woman to take him seriously as a masculine lover. It all went wrong for him in secondary school when he used to see all the girls in their uniforms and fell in love with and felt jealous of the clothes they were wearing. And that desire to “wear what the girls were wearing” began a process that stripped away every trace of his masculinity. Because he not only started wearing tight-fitting dresses, silky stockings and miniskirts, but also began painting his fingernails, using make-up and wearing a girlie wig.


Naturally, his chances of ever finding a female lover were destroyed by these acts of self-feminisation, so thank god that Sissy Chloe has a natural talent for sucking cock. Because unable to get a girlfriend, he has thrown himself into his true vocation - sucking and pleasing the cocks of real men! He also dreams of serving a dominant master and catering for his every need, as well as confessing that he loves to have his bum groped and anus fingered - and that he has experience of sucking black cock and serving as a sissy cocksucker at glory holes.



Then email chloetvsissy@sissify.com.

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When a man loves wearing DRESSES & PANTIES, then of course he’ll never get a girlfriend. And so SISSY SLUT CHLOE has given up on ever finding a lady - and pleasures ROCK-HARD COCKS instead!

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