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If you’re a real man who just happened to have stumbled upon this website by chance, then try not to giggle at this limp-dicked loser in his blonde wig, lingerie and silky black stockings. Yes, I know it’s rather tragic that a fully-grown man would choose to dress this way, but Sissy Valery cannot help being a sissy any more than he can help lusting after black cock! He’s just a not a normal man. He never was and he never will be.


Thankfully,  having totally failed to fulfil a masculine existence, Sissy Valery has now fully embraced his inner sissy and sees it as his lifetime duty to suck off and satisfy more masculine men. That’s why he loves to dress in the kind of outfits favoured by sluts and street-walking whores; and why he totally worships well-hung men, especially black ones who can shoot a thick load!


So, spread the word! This Russian sissy is desperate for more and more hard dicks to pleasure and must be outed as a cock-sucking slut...



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