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It all went wrong for Sissy Fiona somewhere during his teenage years when an irresistible urge to raid his mother’s wardrobe saw him develop a lust for bras, knickers and stockings that has continued into his adult years. A real man doesn’t do that, of course, but Sissy Fiona is far from one of those! He always feels at his happiest when he’s dressed as a schoolgirl, nurse or a slutty French maid; and he has a number of boyfriends who he attends to and pleasures while dressed in his flirty sissy attire.


But not enough boyfriends! This sluttiest of sissies has an endless appetite for rock-hard cock and is always on the look-out for more sissy-loving men who will be willing to come round and show him a good time. He’ll dress up in his sexiest outfits for them and please them like a true sissy does, taking inch after inch of their cocks in his mouth and arsehole - and screaming like a girlie as they drench his holes with cum!




Email him/her at fionataylor@email.com.




Can you believe this guy? ALL DOLLED UP like a sexy schoolgirl and showing off his TINY COCK. This is what he wears when he’s sucking off REAL MEN!