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With his tiny cock and man boobs, Stuart has never really been that much of a man! He’s always had a feminine air about him and was stealing his sister’s clothes at a very young age, but even so, who knew he would turn into such a shamelessly slutty and cock-hungry sissy? Because Stuart, or Jenny as he likes to be called, is totally obsessed with women’s clothes and lingerie. He would wear them all the time if he could, especially his beloved pink bra and panties.


Yes, this filthy whore never misses a chance to get all dolled up in lingerie and stockings. And as soon as he’s wearing ladies’ things, he starts to have extreme sexual fantasies in which he is overpowered in a park at night by a group of well-hung black guys. They would spot him prancing around in just a pink bra, panties, stockings and suspenders, then they’d totally surround their new sissy bitch and start to jerk off over his feminised body. Then next, they’d make him suck their rigid pricks, before one black stud rips sissy’s panties off and stuffs them into sissy’s mouth. Because that way, no one gets to hear sissy scream as they all line up to pound his arse!



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