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Hi, I’m Sissy Baby Candy from London and I first realised I was a sissy when I used to play dressing up games with my sister's friends when I was younger and got jealous of all their pretty, frilly clothing! I secretly wanted to be controlled and feminised by them, and I also developed an unmasculine desire to be turned into a little baby girl by a group of dominant females. Yes, I became desperate for my sister’s friends to force me into bonnets, bibs, nappies, baby dresses and all kinds of frilly clothing. I also wanted them to make me stick a dummy in my mouth, then to crawl around making baby noises while they all laughed and pointed at me.

It’s pathetic, I know, but I still sometimes cum in my nappy while fully dressed as a baby girl, and even though it’s my biggest secret, I also get turned on by the thought of being exposed for the sissy I truly am. I particularly like the thought of all the women that I work with discovering all about my AB lifestyle and then being blackmailed by them and forced to serve them as a full-time AB slave girl.





Email: vegetable_patch_caz@hotmail.com