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Call 0908 151 0321 for Live Sissy Chat. Calls cost 60p per minute plus your network's access charge. Must be 18 or over and have the bill payer’s permission. All calls are recorded. Service details may appear on the bill. We may send free promotional SMS. Send ‘‘STOP ALL’ to 07860086062 to opt out. Datapro Services Ltd. Customer Careline: 0203 455 2145

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For just £10, you too could have the misfortune to be granted Official Sissy Status by the Strict Mistress website and receive an electronic ID card that you can share on social media for maximum humiliation.


For Official Sissy Status, email


I wonder how quickly Sissy Amy will come to regret asking us to share some of his truly humiliating images with the world. Perhaps it will be when the first of his friends and family discovers these photos of him mincing around in French maid uniform while sucking the tip of an eight-inch vibrator! Or maybe it will be when the people who know him start sharing these images behind his back and secretly laughing about his tiny limp cock and his obvious desire to be a sissy maid to a strict dominatrix or a well-hung Master! Or perhaps it will be when total strangers start pointing him out in the streets of Telford and shouting out rude names at him, like ‘faggot’, ‘pansy’, ‘tiny-dicked loser’ and ‘you utterly pathetic sissy twat’.


Yes, it’s hard to say what will be the precise moment when Sissy Amy comes to regret his decision to be exposed online as a transvestite maid, but what is for certain is that there will be no way back into the closet for him - not once his secret has been revealed! And so it is that this masculine failure can expect to face a lot of humiliation in the coming years. Because no one will ever let him live this down! Not once they’ve seen what a totally tragic little fairy maid he is!



Then email chubbysissyslut99@gmail.com.


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