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Hello, I’m Sissy Baby Angela, a T-girl and ABDL-fetishist from Birmingham. I love cross-dressing as a sexy lady and enjoy going out to soul clubs in adult female attire, but I also love regressing to babyhood and I spend a lot of time at home as Sissy Baby Angela.  I particularly enjoy wearing a nappy and really love using it for its intended purpose. My favourite brands are Dotty the Pony, Rearz Princess, Little Pawz or My Diaper black if I’m in a baby BDSM mood.




Transforming into an adult baby girl very often brings out my kinky side and I have been to a few fetish events as a baby and have met up with fellow sissy babies for sex and piss drinking sessions. I also like being beaten and punished in adult baby guise; and I have some great photos of me being spanked hard on my bottom. Another thing I really enjoy is standing around outside the front of my house in a nappy, plus I love going to the shops in a nappy and I really enjoy letting my shirt ride up when I stretch for a shelf so that it shows the top of my nappy.


Oh, and I also enjoy ‘using’ my nappy when out and about. But an even bigger pleasure is wetting myself with no nappy in a public situation.





Twitter: @angelatinycock

Email: tinycockangela@outlook.com


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