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Sissy slut Barbie has been cross-dressing since his teenage years and longs to become a role model for sissy sluts across the world. He is a true fairy princess who loves to wear a long blonde wig and the sexiest and most revealing female clothes imaginable - and he regularly flaunts his feminised figure on the Internet while wearing just a fishnet bra and a schoolgirl skirt or his highly submissive French maid uniform.


Like most natural-born sissies, Barbie can only get a stiff clitty when he’s mincing around in a pretty outfit and dreaming of sucking a real man’s dick. But he’s also known to get very excited whenever he puts a cock-shaped sex toy in his back door pussy, or when he fantasises about being a sissy bimbo fuck doll for an entire roomful of well-hung men. And Barbie also dreams of becoming a full-time sissy sex doll who spends all his time in front of a camera sucking dick and taking cock like a pro. But then isn’t that what all true sissies fantasise about in bed each night? Because sucking dick and taking cock is all they’re fit to do!



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