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The time has come for everyone to know the truth about Bernie Broedrieck, or Bernice as he prefers to be known. And the truth is that he is a cross-dressing sissy who loves to wear pink dresses, pink panties and pink stockings and to carry a little pink handbag with him. And worse, he longs to be a full-time sissy prostitute who is paid for sex by any real man in need of a cock-hungry fairy slut.


We’re not entirely sure how, but Sissy Bernice has managed to keep his cross-dressing a secret so far. So, none of his friends know that he regularly jerks off in pink lingerie while fantasising about being down on his knees in front of a well-hung stud. Or that he longs to be bent over by a dominant man, who will tug aside sissy’s lacy pink panties and then ram his cock in and out of sissy’s anus till his helmet is bulging and squirting out spunk.


But, oh, the shame and humiliation when this page is found and the truth comes out...



Then email bernice@mail2woman.com.


Sisst slut wears pink stockings
Cardiff sissy
Sissy Bernice in minidress
Sissy's dick poking out of see-through pink knickers



Sissy Bernice gets all excited when he wears PINK PANTIES and stockings - so much so that his TINY LITTLE PRICK always comes poking out of his SILKY KNICKERS!

Sissy Bernice exposed