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Sissy Cassie’s mother is starting to expect that her son is not a normal boy. She knows he used to steal and wear her pantyhose, because she caught him in the act on more than occasion; and lately he’s even allowed her to see him dressed in his French maid uniform as sort of a joke. But mothers aren’t stupid and they can tell when something is more than a joke - so Cassie’s mother is now almost certain that she’s given birth to a limp-dicked loser who is doomed to never please a woman in bed.


But luckily, Cassie’s mother is yet to discover just how much of a sissy her son really is. She doesn’t know that he dreams of serving a dominant lady while dressed in a French maid uniform and locked in chastity; or that he’s desperate for oral and anal training to learn how to be a true sissy slut. Cassie’s mother also has no idea that her son longs to be forced into a frilly pink princess dress, then paraded through the streets of town on a collar and leash by a PVC-clad domme. He would be revealed to all (and quite rightly, too) as the masculine failure he truly is - and would be dragged so far out of the closet that he could never go back in again.



Then email sissycassieg@gmail.com.


Scottish sissy Cassie in frilly pink little girl dress
Extreme exposure close-up of Scottish sissy Cassie
Sissy Cassie in French maid uniform
Limp-dicked sissy Cassie
Sissy Cassie's limp caged clit