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UK magazine publisher XD PUBLICATIONS publishes fetish mags devoted to cross-dressing, spanking and female domination, as well as hardcore XXX gay sex mags, girlie top shelf glamour mags and kinky adult contact magazines.

UK spanking magazine Get Spanked
UK fem-dom magazine Dominance
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UK transvestite magazine X-DRESSER
British top shelf magazine PHWOAR!!!


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What is it that makes a fully grown adult male feel the need to transform himself into a silly sissy girlie or a subservient French maid? We’ve never believed in boring old gender neutrality - and we all know exactly what a real man should look like - so we laugh at any red-blooded male who wants to prance around in multiple, layered petticoats with a big blonde wig on his head. Or encase his limp cock in a chastity cage! Or worst of all, let other men come round every Tuesday night to fuck his wife! (Or to fuck little sissy up the arse, for that matter, after a long, intense session of oral sissy cock worship).


Men like these - men who love to wear frilly pink knickers and carry handbags - have totally and utterly failed as men! And as such, they deserve to be humiliated and shown off to the world as the pathetic, little creatures they truly are. And they also need to be bossed about and kept in line by a ‘no nonsense’ dominatrix who will think nothing of pulling them over her knee, hitching up their skirts and pulling down their sexy, little panties! Then spanking away at their smooth-shaven bottoms till these masculine failures have seen the error of their ways!

X-DRESSER Sissies issue 2

It wasn’t meant to be this way! You really are designed to wear a suit and tie and boxer shorts, rather than a pink satin prom dress, a pair of strappy heels and the pinkest, frilliest knickers you can find! But luckily for you, we are generous people - and we understand that you are too weak-willed to ever turn your back on your sissy desires and return to the life of a real man. And as such, we shall be putting together some usefuls tools to allow you to indulge your inner sissy, such as links to suitable reading material, suggestions of (in)appropriate clothing to wear and a list of adult movies that will be just like looking in a mirror for you, allowing you to see just how weak and pathetic a sissy male truly is...



UK adult magazine Ruined Sissies




Simpering Sissies Exposed in Print


Being exposed online is humiliating enough, but it can’t quite compare to being exposed forever in the glossy pages of an adult mag that gets read by people all across the world. And even though you’ve escaped this time, don’t think it won’t be your turn next... Because soon it could be you experiencing the utter shame and horror of seeing your feminised face and sissified soul in the pages of RUINED SISSIES.


The new issue of RUINED SISSIES is available now in licensed sex shops throughout the UK, so why not put on something suitably frilly and pink and mince your way to your nearest adult emporium to get your copy?


Too ashamed to buy a copy in person, sissy? Then order online from TheTopShelf.



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Sissy maid dominated by Manchester domme Princess Aurora


Beautiful dominatrix Princess Aurora has a special way with sissy sluts and is the perfect Mistress for any sub gent who wishes to be stripped of his masculinity and transformed into a total fairy. With her make-up skills and extensive wardrobe packed with slutty lingerie and frilly frocks, she will totally doll you up and have you serving tea or dusting every inch of her chambers. Or if slut training is more your kind of thing, then you she’ll be happy to strap-on a big thick cock!



Sissy makeovers and maid training in Hampshire


Get a full transvestite transformation from adult male to sissy maid or sissy slut by one of Britain’s best-known kinky Mistresses, Madame C of Hampshire. Her fabulous sissification and cross-dressing service allows you to ditch your boring shirt and tie and swap them for pink frilly knickers, princess dresses, maid’s uniforms, stockings, suspenders and ladylike shoes. A full range of BDSM services are available, too, including maid training and strap-on play.



Sissy trainer and dominatrix Madam Amanda


With fully equipped venues in both the North of England and France, Madam Amanda and her team of devoted nurses have been providing sissy training, TV makeovers and adult baby services for over 20 years. If you wish to be stripped out of your drab male clothes and turned into a simpering sissy slut or a cute baby girl, then Madam Amanda and her open-minded team will use their skill, patience and understanding natures to help unlock the real you.




Love turning men into sissy pink sluts? Then contact Mistress Suzannah to enquire about advertising your transformation service here...

Sissies exposed in adult magazine
Sissies exposed in adult magazine
Sissies exposed in adult magazine

Is there a sissy living near you? Does that man over the road have a secret desire to put on a maid’s uniform and suck off hung guys? Is your neighbour too womanly to please his wife and in need of a real man to come and do the job for him? Does that quiet guy at the office wear frilly pink knickers under his tailored suit and jerk himself stupid in the gents each day while dreaming of being fucked by men? And was that your so or your brother you saw standing on the street corner late last night in the ill-fitting wig and the skimpy little dress? You know, the dirty little slut who kept flashing his stocking tops at the passing cars in the hope of picking up a bit of rough trade!

And is it your dad who keep raiding your knicker drawer for panties and who’s the reason why your stockings are all saggy and stretched and why your favourite pleated skirt if always covered in sticky semen stains? Or does your husband come home from a ‘night out with the lads’ with a smudge of mascara in the corner of his eyes, a smoothly-shaven body, no wedding ring on his finger and an arsehole shaped like a giant ‘O’?


Look, it might be your husband, brother, uncle, best mate, next-door neighbour, a colleague at work or even that so-called ‘hard man’ on the football team or the biggest, most muscular guy down the gym! But wheoever it is, that mincing fairy must be dragged out of the closet - kicking and screaming, if needs be - and exposed forever to one and at all at our Worldwide Sissy Exposure pages!

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