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Talk about living a lie! At work and in his social life, Barney does everything he can to try to fit in as one of the football-loving, macho lads. He pretends he’s slept with lots of girls and gulps down pints of lager at the pub, but that all changes when Barney gets home. Because as soon as this limp-dicked loser gets away from the prying eyes of his friends and workmates, he rips off his boring manly clothes and slips into an exciting array of panties and lingerie. Then he slaps on some make-up and transforms boring Barney into exotic Emily, a true sissy slut.


So, we wonder what those friends and workmates would think if they knew that football-mad Barney longs to be bossed about by a dominant man or woman. Or that he longs to serve a real man as his submissive little sissy and eager cocksucker. Or that secretly he lives for the touch of real men - and will gladly beg for his Masters to slide off whatever pretty panties he wore to please them and plead for them to make good use of his slutty sissy holes.



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Sissy Emily
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Do you work with THIS SISSY? Did you always think he was one of the lads? Well, here he is in PINK LINGERIE doing all he can to arouse REAL MEN!

Sissy slut Emily must be exposed


Sissy Emily is back in the closet for now...


But we’re sure he will return...


There is no escaping one’s true sissy nature...


Once a sissy, then always a sissy...