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We are putting up this page as a public service on behalf of Jeff’s long-suffering wife Karen. For years, she has had to put up with a limp-dicked, cross-dressing loser of a husband - a man who is far too small to fulfil her sexually and who cannot keep out of female clothes. He’s been secretly wearing knickers, bras and stockings for as long as he can remember; and Karen regularly finds him prancing around the house in slutty lingerie. And worse, she often stumbles upon him jerking off his tiny manhood while sucking on a realistic, 8-inch dildo and with a butt plug shoved up his cock-hungry arse.


Luckily, Karen is dominant by nature and often locks Jeff in a chastity cage to prevent him from constantly masturbating while dressed in ladies underwear. She is also quite happy to expose her failure of a husband to the world and loves taking pics where he’s hitching up his skirt and exposing his laughably limp and little.  Because like all dominant wives who have suffered at the hands of a sissy husband, she wants the whole world to realise what a loser he is!



Then email jeffmitchell1967@gmail.com or follow @Jeffcockwhore on Twitter.

Married sissy Jeff Mitchell shows off his limp dick in its chastity device
Failed husband Jeff exposes tiny caged cock


Transvestite husband shoves jewelled butt plug up arse
Sissy husband dressed as Snow White
Sissy husband Jeff fails his wife Karen


Sort it out, JEFF MITCHELL! What the fuck is your wife supposed to do with a TINY, SHRIVELLED DICK like that?