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The man on this page was once a normal heterosexual guy with a girlfriend, but aged 30, a strange urge overwhelmed him - he wanted to be fucked while wearing a pair of tights. Of course, he fought against that urge for many months and tried to get all thoughts of slipping into pairs of silky stockings and taking hard dick up the arse far from his mind. But those thoughts just would not go away - and one day Jay gave into them.


Now, of course, Jay’s girlfriend doesn’t know about this, but what he ended up doing was visiting a gay sauna wearing tights and slutty lingerie where he learned to suck dick and take cocks in his anal hole. And since those early experiments with man-on-man sex, he has become completely and utterly addicted to two things - one of those things is wearing tights, stockings, leotards and lacy basques; and the other is being bent over and taken hard from the rear by well-hung men.


Oh, it’s such a shame that his girlfriend doesn’t know! After all, what fun they could have dressing up together and then finding hunky studs to share!



Then email liverpooltightsguy@hotmail.co.uk.


Sissy Jay exposed in black basque, stockings and suspenders
Sissy Jay wears sheer tights with no knickers underneath
Prancing sissy ballerina Jay
Sissy in leotard and pantyhose
Sissy Jay from the rear in sheer black tights