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Sissy Jennifer has been cursed with the kind of tragically tiny penis that makes it impossible for him to live the life of a normal man. His dick is far too small to please a woman and looks ridiculous in jockey shorts or boxer shorts, so he prefers to wear little sissy panties instead and to devote all his sexual attentions to men. His favourite thing of all is to dress up in his French maid uniform - complete with stockings and suspenders - then to swallow the hard dick of a well-hung stud. Then he’ll pump his lips up and down that hard shaft, taking every inch between his lipstick-covered lips, until the helmet is bulging with orgasmic force and spraying his tonsils with creamy spunk.


But please don’t tell anyone that, for fuck’s sake! Because even though he’s clearly one of the gayest sissies on the planet, Jennifer has somehow managed to keep his micro penis, his love of sucking hard-ons and his passion for French maid uniforms a total secret from all his family and friends. He’s scared of becoming a laughing stock, you see, and being totally and utterly ruined as a man! Though, frankly, that’s what this sissy deserves.



Then email sissyjennifersmith@yahoo.com or follow @sissyjen1 on Twitter.


Sissy slut Jen in French maid uniform
Gay sissy Jen in little black dress and fishnets
Sissy maid Jennifer from Illinois



Move along, please, folks - there’s nothing new to see here. It’s just another SMALL-DICKED FAGGOT in a FRENCH MAID UNIFORM pushing out his buttocks in the hope of ATTRACTING DICK!

Gay sissy slut Jennifer
Sissy slut Jennifer sucks hard cock