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Most women would kick their husbands out of the house if they caught him wanking in a bra and panties, but Lauren’s wife Elaine has always had a dominant streak and decided instead to take control of her husband’s sissification process. She started buying him frilly princess dresses, stockings, suspenders and pretty pairs of knickers, and even though she knows he is absolutely terrified of being photographed while dressed as a girl, she insists he poses for sissy photos and is keen to share those pictures online.


Elaine does this to punish her husband for completely and utterly failing as a man. She explains: ‘He only has a two-inch erection, so he’s no good to me at all in bed - and I’m planning on locking him in chastity soon if I can find a small enough cage for him. I’m also keen to cuckold him with some real men who can offer me what my sissy of a husband cannot - and I love the thought of tying him up and making him watch as I’m being shafted. Oh, and I’d like to make him suck a cock, as well, and to photograph him being totally gay.’



Then email GlasgowSissyLauren@gmail.com.


Limp-dicked sissy Lauren exposes pink panties
Married sissy Lauren covers his face in shame at the thought of being exposed



We can understand why SISSY LAUREN is too ashamed to show his face. Wouldn’t you be, too, if you were cursed with a TWO-INCH CLITTY and had never once managed to PLEASE YOUR WIFE?

Married sissy Lauren in princess dress
Sissy Lauren hitches up his dress to show off stockings and suspenders
Sissy Lauren curtsies to his dominant wife
Sissy exposure ID card for failed husband Lauren