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The women in Michael’s life have long since given up on trying to make a man of him. His mother was so used to him stealing her underwear, petticoats and nighties that she eventually started popping items of lingerie in with Michael’s clean washing. And his wife has carried on this trend of accepting that this limp-dicked loser was not cut out for masculine things and is happy to let him cross-dress in his beloved sissy attire.


Michael describes his favourite clothing as ‘short skirts, hold-up stockings, bras, knickers, dresses and ladies shoes’. Then he adds that at night he likes to go to bed in ‘a pair of plastic knickers and a nightie’.


Michael also confesses to a shameful list of explicit sissy fantasies. He admits: ‘I love sucking cock and swallowing cum, plus I also love licking a woman’s pussy just after she has had sex with a man. But the thing I fantasise about the most is dropping my knickers to be fucked by a guy.’


What a dirty little bitch!



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Being married to a woman doesn't stop sissy slut Michael from sucking hard dick
Married sissy slut Michael
Limp-dicked sissy in female-led relationship
Sissy Mick opens his blouse to expose white bra



Let’s hope Michael’s wife is CHEATING ON HIM with lots of WELL-HUNG REAL MEN, because no woman deserves to be stuck in a marriage with such a blatantly LIMP-WRISTED LOSER!

Sissy slut Michael in see-through plastic knickers