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Sissy Mischa was meant to be a man, but he always knew he was doomed to be a sissy. He explains: ‘I used to borrow my sister’s lipstick and rummage through her underwear drawer and try on her panties, bras and skirts. This would always get me very excited and her panties would always end up very messy, so I’d often have to wash and dry them before putting them back. Then as I got older, I found the delights of the stocking drawer - and nowadays, I love going into women's clothes shops and looking at and touching all the shiny and silky garments.’


And Mischa loves to buy them, too. He says: ‘I have my very own sissy maid uniform that I wear when doing my household chores. I also love to wear fishnet stockings with short tight skirts - sometimes so short that my clitty gets exposed!’


And what are his fantasies? He confesses: ‘I dream of wearing my maid uniform and sucking a chubby older guy’s cock while polishing the leather armchair he’s sat in. I also love the thought of servicing a dominant PVC-clad T-girl who cums all over my face in front of some other sissy girls who look on wishing they were me.’



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