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Sissy Naomi is bitch to a strict Mistress bitch and his photographs are appearing here on this website as a punishment for failing to complete his tasks properly. His Mistress had commanded her sissy to dress as a girl for an entire day, complete with a pair of FF breast forms, but sissy got nervous when his doorbell rang. And despite having been told by Mistress not to take off his girl clothes under any circumstances, he took it upon himself to remove his bra and boobs before answering the door in male mode.


Naturally, having learned of her sissy’s failure to answer the door in the right attire, his Mistress is now sharing these images for all to see - and with the warning that ever-more revealing images are certain to follow should sissy fail to follow her orders again. As she explains: ‘My slut needs to learn to do only what I say or he will be severely punished if there is a next time!’


So, be warned, Sissy Naomi! We fear that disobeying your Mistress could get you into some serious trouble. And you won’t find any sympathy here - because ALL good sissies must OBEY their superiors!



Then email SarahPx1986x@outlook.com.


Sissy Naomi exposed by domme
Pathetic sissy with hairy chest and beard
Tranny slut exposed by merciless domme
Sissy male with hairy chest in pink bra