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Anyone out there need a shit but can’t find the nearest toilet? Then look no further than Sissy Natasha who has a desperate desire to open his lips wide and take a mouthful of crap from a PVC-clad Mistress. And tragically, that’s just one of this limp-wristed cross-dresser’s filthy sexual fantasies, cos he also regularly dreams about taking giant dicks in his girlie anus and has even been known to suck on dirty tampons or wrap used sanitary towels round his clit-stick when jerking off!


Yes, he’s a serious pervert is Sissy Natasha; and it all went wrong for him in his teens when he was staying round his Auntie’s house. He explains: ‘She had put her lacy underwear on the radiator to dry and I could smell the perfume coming off them - and I remember it smelling so feminine and sexy. And that gave me the urge to start buying women’s body wash and girlie deodorant, as well as making me want to wear my auntie’s lacy panties.’


And so that’s what happened. And not only did he start to cross-dress in auntie’s knickers, but he also started to shave off all his body hair, wear a nightie to bed each night and dream of being covered in shit. So, so pathetic!



Then email natashamac00@gmail.com.

Sissy hitches up pink dress to flash his girlie knickers
Sissy in pink dress
Nude sissy steps out of shower


Sissy looking gay in pink dress
Crossdressing sissy in black undies


Natasha might just be the DIRTIEST SISSY we’ve ever featured on this website. Why? Because he longs to be a HUMAN TOILET who takes mouthfuls of crap from a DOMINANT LADY.


Sissy Natasha is back in the closet for now...


But we’re sure he will return...


There is no escaping one’s true sissy nature...


Once a sissy, then always a sissy...