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It all began in classic style with a raid on his mother's wardrobe. Her clothes felt much more right to the teenage Andrew than the boring boy clothes they made him wear, and as he’s grown older, the only clothing that’s ever felt right to him is pretty lingerie and feminine frocks. As he explains: ‘I love to wear very slutty clothing that leaves little to the imagination, so that all my areas can be easily accessed. I also love PVC and bondage clothing and anything that restricts me, plus I always wear a chastity restraint and keep a large butt plug inserted to keep me pliable enough to take a fist or large dildos.’


Weird, huh, but just you wait till you hear Andrew’s fantasies! He confesses: ‘I long to be totally restrained and then used as a fuck toy at an orgy. Men could fill any orifice they want with their cum or urinate on me and force me to drink it, and with all of it recorded and photographed for extra humiliation. I’d also love to be restrained and led around in public on a chain, with a notice showing my real name hung around my neck. Then I’d be forced to suck any man that I’m told to!’


Shameful stuff, of course, but it seems like he’s desperate to make these dreams come true. He says: ‘This would be my lifestyle choice. I would be a full-time sissy faggot slave whose only purpose was to act as a sex doll for real men. I’d also never again be allowed to use my small limp penis, which doesn’t even get erect anymore and is slowly shrinking in size as I’m a pure sissy now!’



Then email crossdresser690@yahoo.com.

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Sissy slut in nurse's uniform
Andrew Brown is a cross-dressing sissy