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Despite having been a closet cross-dresser since his teenage tears, it wasn’t until falling under the spell of an online Mistress that Sarah began to appreciate the full extent of his sissy nature. He says: ‘She helped me to realise I wasn't just into the occasional dressing up games, but was actually open to everything from cocksucking, extreme anal stretching, extreme bondage and total submission. She also ended my illusion that this was just a phase I was going through and insists that I am now ready to serve a real man and start living my life full-time as Sarah.’


It is now Sarah’s dream to come out of the shadows and spend all his waking hours as a girl, and he longs for a real-life Master or Mistress to take legal binding ownership of him, so he can go through HRT and become the absolute perfect image of a working sissy. He says: ‘I'd love huge breast implants - I'd go as big as you could buy - and I would also make my lips huge and plump so that I can put my oral training to good use. And I think if I was able to have all the body modifications that I long for, I could quickly become a true sissy bimbo that was made to pleasure real men’s cocks.’



Then you can email him/her at sarahmatthew136@gmail.com.



Bare bottomed sissy slut Sarah



There is only one thing this SISSY SLUT loves more than painting her lips with BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK - and that’s seeing that lipstick smearing off all over a real man’s ROCK-HARD COCK!

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