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This sissy has begged us not to use his real name and location - and when you hear his sexual fantasies, then you will probably understand why he wants to stay in the closet. His shameful behaviour began at the age of 18 when he realised his favourite things to wear were pairs of ‘fuck me’ high heels and very short leather skirts. Of course, most men prefer jeans or a tracksuit or maybe a stylish three-piece suit, so already he was developing some unusual tastes. But manly clothes just didn’t feel right to him. He much preferred the ‘trashy hooker look’.


And as for those perverted sexual desires he’s so rightfully ashamed of, Sissy Sindy explains: ‘My sissy fantasies are to be kidnapped, then used and abused by people who I won’t be able to see or stop them. Either that, or to be dressed up and whored out at a glory hole!’


So, basically, he dreams of being dressed up like a whore and then sucking endless rock-hard dicks! Not exactly your typical boy!



Then help us to find him! His social media accounts and email are no longer working, but his exposure remains intact.

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