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Being butch and manly never worked for Skye when he was growing up. He always had a secret desire to transform into a sissy princess; and it’s stuck with him into his adulthood. That’s why he frequently dresses up in bras, knickers, dresses and high heel shoes and why he loves to put on make-up and wear a long wig. You see, he completely and utterly fails at manly things, but being all girlie comes naturally to Skye.


If Skye had his wish, he would live full-time as a sissy maid and serve at a sissy mansion. He’d be forced to wear a cute uniform each day and be given a list of tasks to do; then when the Master and Mistress of the house held one of their regular sex parties, he would do all he could to pleasure every single one of their guests.


Or if not a maid, Skye would love to be a secretary and turn up at the office each day in a tight blouse, short skirt, stockings and suspenders. Not to do any office work, though. Mostly, just to suck off the boss...



Then email skyehenderson366@gmail.com or follow @missskye69xx on Twitter.


Masculine failure Skye
Midlands sissy Skye
Sissy princess Sky
Limp-wristred sissy Skye



Anyone in need of a SISSY SECRETARY to take dictation or a limp-wristed maid to sweep the floors? Because SISSY SKYE isn’t cut out for a man’s job. He is only fit for BETA-ROLES.