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A sissy doesn’t give herself the name Sophie Suckcock without good reason. She does it because she truly loves to suck hard cock. And if you’ve ever hung around dogging spots on the south coast of England, then maybe you’ll have spotted this cock-hungry T-girl down on her knees doing what she does best. She’s usually dressed up in a schoolgirl outfit, French maid uniform or the type of outfit a hooker might wear - and she quite often has a whole line of horny gents all lining up for some special attention.


And being such a greedy girl, Sophie never likes to disappoint a single one of those rock-hard men. She’ll kneel there for ages deep-throating thick manhoods till they’re ready to spit out a shit-load of spunk; and she’ll happily take facials from a whole host of perfect strangers and doesn’t even care if they ruin her make up. In fact, she’ll gladly finish an evening of dogging with her entire face and clothing completely dripping wet with spunk, because she loves being filthy in public places and really gets off on being seen acting like a total slut. Yes, an audience really does bring out the best in  Sophie Suckcock! Or should that be the worst in her?


Find Sophie on Twitter @SophieSuckcock



Wherever there’s a group of HORNY MEN with big hard dicks in need of a suck, this SPUNK-HUNGRY SISSY is sure to be found. She just loves eating cock at DOGGING SPOTS.