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Sissy Stu was the only boy in his household and was surrounded by three sisters whose knickers he loved to wear. He took to dressing very early and always felt more comfortable when dressed up femme or playing the role of a submissive sissy. Male clothes just never excited him; and he still loves to transform as often as he can. He says: “I love to dress in slutty female clothes but I also love the weak, little sissy look. My dream is to be fully owned, controlled, humiliated and exposed by a dom or domme. I'd also love to be used in gang-bangs and be forced to take part in porn films, for all to see and out of my control.”


Strangely, despite having these sissy perversions, Sissy Stu is a married man. He tells us: “My wife knows I dress as a female, but she doesn’t know I dream of becoming a sex toy to men. My stepson also knows that I cross-dress and I often hope he has told all his mates.”


Well, even if he hasn’t, Stu, we’re sure they’ll find out soon enough. Especially now we’ve exposed you for the gay sissy faggot you truly are...



Then email stupoolo46@gmail.com.


Married sissy Stu in jumper dress
Lancashire sissy Stu
Sissy shows off his ultra frilly pink knickers
Sissy Stu in Daddy's Princess dress


Mincing sissy Stu