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Tara might have ended up a normal red-blooded male had his sister’s not put him in a yellow dress as a youngster and left a lasting impression on him that has persisted into his adult years. He loved being made to wear that cute and girlie frock; and even though he’s now a married man, he still gets excited by dressing as a sissy or putting on frilly adult baby clothes.


Of course, Tara’s wife has no idea that her husband loves being a cute sissy girl, but she does know he likes to wear women’s knickers and puts up with him being a panty boy. But she definitely doesn’t know the full extent of his sissy urges; and would hate to know how desperate Tara is to blackmailed into performing sordid sex acts on guys in return for having his cross-dressing fantasies kept secret. You know the type of thing we’re talking about - “Please, sir, you can spunk in my mouth if you don’t tell my wife that I love to suck dick. Or you can pull down my knickers and fuck my rear-end if it means you don’t show my wife all these photos of me in my faggot clothes.” Tragic!



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