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When a man starts stealing his mother’s underwear and dresses in his teenage years, it’s pretty clear he’ll never grow up to be a normal man - and will end up becoming a sissy slut who is incapable of fulfilling any normal masculine duties. Such men are of no use as husbands and workers, so there really is only one option left to them! They must be forced to transform into full-time sissy transvestite sluts, then sent to the nearest Red Light District to swallow rock-hard cocks to earn their keep.


And that is Tina Aperol’s dream. Having borrowed his mother’s lingerie as a teen, he quickly realised that he wanted to live life as a girl - and now he longs to be fully transformed as a sissy slut who pleases men for money every single day of the week. He would happily walk the streets in a short dress and stockings, then climb into the car of any well-hung admirer who wants his big dick swallowed by a cock-hungry slut. Or for a bigger fee, he would drop his satin panties and take a huge, hard cock in his girlie arse! Because it’s the only thing he is capable of - working full-time as a sissy bimbo whore!


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Tina isn’t suited to doing a proper job like a NORMAL MAN. The only way this masculine failure could ever hope to earn his keep is by working as a SISSY BIMBO SLUT who gets whored out ON THE STREETS.

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