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The scent and feel of PVC have turned this once normal man into a deviant slut who will do anything to please. Since discovering this sexiest and shiniest of fabrics, he has regularly transformed into a submissive French maid and now he longs to be in full-time service to a group of dominant women who will use and abuse him however they wish.


Of course, none of Jessy’s friends have any idea of what his fetish for PVC has made him become. They certainly don’t have him down as the type of guy who longs to be bent over by a strict dominatrix and made to take a big black rubber dildo in his mouth or arse! And for some strange reason, he keeps forgetting to tell all his mates that he would love a PVC-clad Mistress to force him to swallow another man’s cock - and he’d love it even more if that other man was also dressed in PVC.


We’re sure the truth will all come out in the end, though. Because once a sissy gets addicted to PVC dresses and PVC maid’s uniforms, it’s only ever a matter of time until they lose all reason and start confessing to all about their shameful sissy desires...



Then email sissyjessy2@gmail.com.

Sissy in PVC
Transvestite in PVC maid outfit


Transvestite in pink PVC maid uniform
TV maid in bondage


Putting on a PVC MAID UNIFORM is only the start of Jessy’s sissy desires. We’re sure he’ll soon be serving a PVC-CLAD MISTRESS who will force him to take her STRAP-ON DICK.

Welsh sissy Jessy in PVC
Masked sissy transvestite