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You won’t find Will Allen shopping for clothes in stores like Burton or Top Man, because this feminine fella much prefers wearing girlie clothes and has done since his teenage years. He confesses: “I love love wearing lacy dresses with sheer black tights and I also adore pink underwear. My favourite brand is Victoria’s Secrets - and I particularly love their lacy thongs.”


True sissy that he is, Will loves to fantasise about being fully transformed by a group of sexy girls. He admits: “I’d love them to force me into a sexy dress and to do my hair and make-up, then they’d take me out to nightclubs where they’d make me dance and flirt with men. Then afterwards, it would be amazing if they tied me up somewhere in public, then pulled up my dress and left me standing there with my tiny penis exposed for all to see.”


Of course, most men would keep these shameful fantasies to themselves, but Will is such a sissy that he’s even outed himself to a few ex-girlfriends. And a couple of them have even done his make-up for him and assisted his TV transformations! Presumably, they quickly realised he was useless in the male role, so they had no choice but to try to help him fulfil his true and tragic sissy nature.



Then email wallen99@outlook.com.




When WILL ALLEN slips into a tight dress and heels, he dreams of slow dancing in nightclubs with BIG STRONG MEN who will grope his girlie bottom and French kiss his LIPSTICKY LIPS.