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While most men dream of fucking busty blondes or having a threesome with a pair of lipstick lesbian babes, that’s not how this little sissy’s mind works at all. Because Chris Ellis isn’t wired up like a normal man and all his sexual fantasies revolve around dressing up in lingerie and stockings, then dropping to his knees in front of a juicy hard-on and taking its length inside his mouth. And he’s such a failure of a man that he’s even quite willing to put on some girlie lipstick first, plus a long blonde wig and a tiny skirt. In fact, he’ll do anything if it means he gets to feel the thrill of having a rock-hard cock squirting spunk down his throat.


And what’s even weirder is that Chris Ellis isn’t even afraid who knows about it. He’s perfectly happy for the whole wide world to see him in his cheerleader uniform, ballet tutu or schoolgirl gear, or with his limp, useless cock poking out of his thong. Because Chris Ellis is a true, 100% sissy who was never cut out to be a real man. No, he’s only fit for sucking dick, so if yours needs sucking, then why not ask this dick-hungry sissy slut?




Email him/her at chrisuknudemale@yahoo.com.





Do you know CHRIS ELLIS of Wolverhampton?


Did you know he likes to prance around in a ballet tutu and dreams of sucking the cocks of  REAL MEN?


Chris Ellis is a TOTAL FAILURE OF A MAN!