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Hi, my name is Jacob, or Jake if you prefer.  I’m 25-years-old and Connecticut born and raised. I love  gaming and musicals, but most of all, I love putting on my pretty pink Pampers and a frilly little dress. I spend as much time as an adult baby as I can and dress in diapers whenever my family isn’t around; and I dream of having someone turn me permanently into the baby I'm supposed to be. That could even be another sissy or a strict adult baby who wants to be my older brother or sister and tell me what to do.

I have a secret ABDL Facebook page, and even once got pampered up to go out to a local convention - just to get all shy and red-faced from the risk of being seen and exposed for wearing and loving my diapers so much. I truly love, love love my big puffy Pampers and always get eager to show what’s happened when I have accidentally filled my baby pants and got them all nice and super soggy.


As well as diapers, my favourite baby items to wear are pink and frilly dresses. I truly love transforming myself into a true puffy princess and want everyone who visits this site to see my Pampered-up puffbutt. I know that means I might end up getting teased and humiliated for being such a loser baby, but I’m too much in love with my Pampers to care!



Email: jmiller3894@gmail.com