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Blog: Maternal Discipline

Tumbler: Little Fanny Mattie

Hello, I’m Little Fanny Mattie, an adult baby girl from Upstate New York, USA. Having experienced extensive bullying earlier in my life, I find myself solely aroused by extreme humiliation and teasing. And for as many years as I can remember, I've been secretly drawn to the frilly world of babification and petticoat discipline. After being dissected as a weak and delicate little pansy, I've been demoted into full-time diapers, which is quite appropriate since my little pee-pee now constantly dribbles uncontrollably. In fact, I can no longer can tell the difference between 'making wettums' and 'making creamies'; the sensation is literally the same (quite pathetic really).

To make matters worse, I admittedly have a very small peenie, which more resembles that of an infant's rather than a grown man able to satisfy a woman. As such, I do not fantasize about ravishing the opposite sex. Instead, nothing makes me tingle more than playing girly dress-up games while being forced to frolic around in thick, crinkly diapers and plastic panties.


It is important that I be made to act and dress in this ridiculous manner whilst under STRICT maternal supervision. And thorough discipline awaits should I fail to do a convincing enough job portraying a simpering sissybaby. This is necessary for my conditioning so that I am properly desexed as I helplessly spiral into complete and utter babyhood, a place where my clittie and baby dumplings are mere playthings for any Mistresses who choose to reach inside the elastic of my soggy diapers to fondle them.