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Twitter: @MaddyPage9

Blog: Adult |Baby Maddy’s Blog

Hello, my name is Maddy Page and I'm a bank manager from Northampton who has been enjoying life as an adult baby girl for well over 20 years now. I went through years of guilt and shame about my desire to cross-dress as a little girl and fought the urge as much as I could, but now I’m happy to embrace this side of me and have my own private nursery in my attic at home where I can play with my teddies, suck on my dummy, wet my nappy and take afternoon naps.

In my vanilla life, I am a happily married man with two children - and recently I have told my wife about my ABDL lifestyle. She was understandably shocked and doesn't want to see me dressed as AB Maddy, but is okay with me dressing up in private and is happy for me to visit adult baby nurseries and professional dommes for ABDL sessions. She’s not very keen on talking about the baby girl side of me, though, so it would be great to  make friends with some other adult baby boys and girls (or even some caring and maternal ladies) who understand what it’s like to have a secret fetish for age-play and regression.  


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