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Hello, my name is Pansy and I've had a fascination with the ABDL lifestyle since 1986. I have always known deep inside that I’m a little baby girl, but for many years I could only indulge my inner AB from time to time. But that all changed four years ago when I decided that the real me could be hidden no longer and I now live permanently as a little baby girl. I’m fortunate enough to have the finances to do this - and I love spending every day as a Little.

My favourite things to wear are little girl style outfits, like cute dresses, ankle socks, frilly bonnets and lots of ribbons. I dress and act somewhere in the 2 to 4 year age range; and I always have a pacifier in my mouth and I always wear diapers. I am, of course, 100% completely incontinent, so my diapers are very important when I’m out and about.


I live actively as a little girl and regularly go out in public. I go shopping, visit local parks and even go out to restaurants where I always get something form the children’s menu. I also drink baby formula and eat baby food at home. So, I really am a full-time baby girl!





Email: sissypansy@gmail.com

Tumbler: Little Girl Pansy


Crossdressing adult baby girl Pansy pushes teddy bear in pram
ABDL crossdresser Pansy sucks on her dummy