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Tragic Trannies Exposed in Print


Being exposed online is humiliating enough, but it can’t quite compare to being exposed forever in a glossy adult magazine. I mean, can you imagine the humiliation for sissy slut Michelle who is exposed in all his feminine glory on the cover of the latest issue of X-DRESSER SISSIES, or the wince-inducing shame of the cock-hungry sluts featured in our UK-wide contact mag X-DRESSER SISSIES CONTACTS.


Both mags are available now in licensed sex shops across the UK, so why not put on something suitably frilly and pink and mince your way to your nearest adult emporium to get your copy?


Want to know more about what’s inside?

Then click on the tempting covers...

UK-wide sissy contacts
UK fetish fem-dom chat line
Get Spanked magazine
Adult magazine exposing cross-dressing sissies

Issue 1 of X-DRESSER SISSIES CONTACTS is packed from cover to cover with the direct contact details of sissy sluts and TV maids looking for real-life meets across the UK, plus a whole host of dommes offering sissy makeovers and slut training.


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Print magazine exposing sissy sluts and maids

In issue 5 of X-DRESSER SISSIES, we bring you some delightfully dirty images of our cover sissy Michelle from Ohio, as well as a husband being spanked in the stocks by two no-nonsense dommes and loads more simpering sissies exposed.


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Sissy slut forced to suck cock at the glory hole on the cover of X-DRESSER SISSIES

The tragic pansies in issue 2 of RUINED SISSIES are desperately hoping that no one will ever buy a copy, because their male lives will be destroyed forever if a copy should ever fall into the hands of their ex-wives, aunties, neighbours, workmates, etc.


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Simpering sissies exposed for life in a genuine print magazine

X-DRESSER BONDAGE issue 1 features a whole host of submissive T-girls bound and held captive in ropes and chains. If you like the thought of being rendered helpless while dressed in female clothing, then this is the mag for you.


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Like the thought of prancing around in your frilly frock and panties at a special event for sissies hosted by some of Britain’s strictest dommes? Then read all about the Sissy Retreat in issue 4 of DOMINANCE. Plus, Princess Lucina, Mistress Esme & more!


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Erotic tale of sissy training and big black cock worship by T-girl author Chantelle Cage

Chantelle Cage’s debut novel BLACK-OWNED SISSY tells the shocking tale of a cross-dressing sissy who reveals to his wife - one explosive night - that he longs to serve black cock. And soon they are sharing not just clothes, but lovers, too...


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Erotiic tale of forced sissy training and public exposure by cross-dressing author Chantelle Cage

Another spectacularly dirty sissy novel from TV author Chantelle Cage, SHAMED SISSY SLUT tells the thrilling story of a limp-dicked loser who is forcibly transformed by his dominant wife and made to act as a lingerie model


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Strict Mistress magazine from XD Publications

Some seriously strict ladies dominate and humiliate sub males and sissies in issue 2 of STRICT MISTRESS, which features Manchester domme Mistress Kitty teasing and tormenting one of the biggest sissies ever and Fetish Liza milking her slave!


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UK pro dominatrix contacts

Our latest contact magazine - issue 1 of FEM-DOM - contains the direct contact details of super-strict dommes throughout the UK. Find the Mistress of your dreams in an area close to you by picking one up at your nearest sex shop.


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Adult magazine exposing cross-dressing sissies

X-DRESSER SISSIES issue 2 features Mistress Rachel and Princess Aurora turning fully grown men into simpering, little sissies; as well as plenty more knicker-loving pansies willingly exposing themselves in print for all to see.


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Print magazine exposing sissy sluts and maids

In issue 1 of  X-DRESSER SISSIES, Madame C transforms her male slave into a simpering girlie; French maid Nina serves her strict Mistress; and a whole host of men who have failed as men expose their feminine sissy selves in print.


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If you’ve ever wondered what sissy school might be like, then read issue 3 of X-DRESSER SISSIES and see what dominant Miss Eve Harper has in store for her latest fully feminised pupil. Also, sissy foot worship, sissy spanking and domestic sissification.


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Whether you’re a sissy slut, a dirty cocksucker, a collared slave or just a great big baby, we can now offer a range of plastic ‘credit card’ style ID cards that you can carry with you in your big butch wallet or your delightfully dainty purse. Each plastic ID card is designed to your own specifications and costs £22, including delivery within the UK.


Prefer to just live life online? Then our official sissy, cocksucker, collared slave and adult baby cards can be ordered as online exposure jpegs for just £10 - or you can get a plastic card and an e-card for the combined price of £28.


To order your sissy ID card, email sissy@strict-mistress.co.uk  enclosing a couple of your favourite images.

Sissy Phone Chat
Sissy pink stockings for cross-dressers


Just when you thought you couldn’t look any more tragic, you can now add sissy pink stockings from Honour.

Chastity device for sissies and male maids


Sissies don’t deserve to spunk, so kindly lock yourself away in this and throw away the key! Order from WithaPassion.


It’s what you dream about all day and night, so go wrap your lips around this big black cock from Honour, you slut.

Latex French maid mask


Cover the face, pretty sissy maid, but keep those lips free for sucking hard cock. Order now from Honour.


Prance around in pink PVC in this way too cute frock. Available up to size 18. Order now from Honour.


Quickly transform that ugly mug from boring male to pretty sissy. Order now from Honour.

Sissy pink lace socks with ruffled tops


One of the most fairy-like products we’ve seen in years, these ruffled lace socks from Honour guarantee total emasculation.



French maid uniform


Oh, dear, sissy - you’d rather look like her than fuck her, wouldn’t you? Then go buy this French maid uniform from fetish clothing experts Honour.


Ridiculously pink and girlie frock available up to size 18. No real man would ever wear this! Order now from Honour.

Live telephone chat for sissy males and submissive transvestites




In this brand new ebook, XD Publications editor Suzy James brings together a selection of some of the naughtiest letters ever to land on her doorstep from our undeniably kinky readers. They include letters from dominant wives who love to fully transform their failed male husbands into sissy sluts; and to force them into shameful and humiliating positions; and to cheat on them with better hung men.


So, we have a tale from one wife who encourages her husband to get all glammed up in a sexy little dress, before revealing she’s invited two hung studs from her workplace over for the night for a double-date he will never forget. Then there’s the wife who comes home to find her husband lounging around on the sofa playing video games with his best friend - and responds to their laziness by forcing them both into lingerie and making them suck each other’s dicks. Or how about the wife who sends her tiny-dicked husband out on the hunt for black dick, then makes him watch as she rides that huge black manhood right before his eyes!


Of course, what all these ladies have in common is a belief that men who fail as men must have every single trace of their masculinity destroyed. They are all happy to totally ruin their husbands, because that’s what sissy sluts deserve - and you will wince as you read their thrilling tales of total sissy destruction.


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Kinky fetish confession stories from UK housewives
Cross-dressing magazine featuring sexy British transvestites

To see all the currently available T-girl, sissy and shemale magazines from XD Publications, click through to adult mag mail order specialists The Top Shelf. Or if you live in the USA, check out Mags Inc or Centurian for all our latest titles.


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Strict Mistress magazine from XD Publications featuring dominant women humiliating men

Whether it’s the latex maid lovingly polishing the stiletto heels of Mistress Morrigan Hel or the naughty schoolboy taking a painful thrashing from Headmistress Nina Birch, there is no doubt men are the inferior sex in issue 3 of STRICT MISTRESS.


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Cross-dressing magazine featuring amateur T-girls dressed to thrill

The latest issue of X-DRESSER AMATEURS features T-girls from all across the UK dressed to thrill in sexy dresses, lingerie and silky stockings, including sexy secretary Jodi Lee, great big sissy Jeri Lee and full frontal flasher Gina.


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Strap-on training session on the cover of STRICT MISTRESS magazine

The latest issue of fem-dom mag STRICT MISTRESS is a must for all believers in female supremacy. Read interviews with stunning London dommes Mistress Tanya and Mistress Amrita and meet a real-life UK couple into domestic sissification.


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Simpering sissy maids exposed in kinky adult magazine

It’s the print magazine that all closet sissies are absolutely terrified of appearing in, because RUINED SISSIES is unafraid to expose the names, locations and sexual secrets of any man who fails as a male. Exposure just got serious, folks!


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Transvestite magazine featuring sexy T-girls

A whole host of gorgeous T-girls show off their favourite outfits and discuss their naughtiest fantasies in issue 7 of X-DRESSER AMATEURS, including glamorous cover girl Paige, kinky fetish queen Mistress Yvette and lingerie-loving Susan.


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Hardcore shemale magazine featuring well-hung chicks with dicks in action

Issue 4 of X-DRESSER SHEMALES features some of the world’s most ladylike and horny shemales sucking the rock-hard dicks of their masculine lovers or ripping off their panties for anal both ways. Yep, it’s filth, basically, but there’s nowt wrong with that!


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Strict domme makes two grown men grovel at her feet on the cover of fetish mag DOMINANCE

Watch grown men grovel at the feet of Mistress Luci White in issue 5 of DOMINANCE, then laugh at the sissy being spanked by Mistress Helen Ryder before pitying the sorry soul who gets turned into a pony slave by Domina Alexandra Snow.


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Sissy slut forced to suck cock at the glory hole on the cover of X-DRESSER SISSIES

You can learn what it’s like to be forced to suck cock at the glory hole by two strict dommes in issue 4 of X-DRESSER SISSIES, then read about Mistress Suzzie using and abusing her sissy sex doll and Mistress Nikki spanking her pretty pink maid.


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Explicit transvestite phone sex