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It was clear something wasn’t quite right with Karina when he made a little bit too much of an effort for a fancy dress party. He’d been told to come to the party as a woman, but he did really need to go to such extreme lengths, like wearing a pair of panties that no one was ever going to see and making so much effort to be so damn girlie? It was almost like going to the party was a naughty excuse for this effeminate man to unleash his inner girl - and since that party, he has never looked back and he feminises his body as often as he can.


It’s still a secret, though! All of Karina’s family and friends still think that he’s a big, butch manly guy, so let’s hope that none of them find this page and discover what a limp-wristed sissy he really is. It would be terrible if they found out that he loves wearing super slutty bimbo outfits, including short leather skirts, high heels and  latex boots; or that he loves to be hunted down by sissy hunters and dreams of being turned into a street-walking sissy slut.


So, yes, Karina, let’s all of us hope that this page doesn’t get exposed too widely. Because at the moment, your secret is just about safe from your closest friends and family, but there’s a danger that any moment they could all find out that you’re just a cocksucking whore!

Sissy shows off tight arse in thong and fishnet tights


Sissy Karina is not a real man
Sissy looking gay in pink wig
Cute sissy flashes her stocking tops in short dress
Transvestite bimbo in over-the-knee boots